CBI Public Procurement report

I posted this last week.  We've had a very interesting comment which I wanted to highlight.  Key section here:

From my experience of public sector procurement I think a lot of the problems come down to some basic, but very difficult to change, factors:
1. Its seems to me that requirements can be gold plated and there’s a big issue about appropriate specs, fitness for purpose and affordability
2. Just like the private sector, there’s a challenge about getting procurement cost savings out of the budget. Unless this benefits realisation challenge is grappled, all that we have is headline savings but little change to the overall cost base
3. The solution is tough to implement. The public sector has some of the very best people to be found. It also has some of the very worst. How often do we find that cutting a budget leads to cutting the easy thing i.e. the services, and that no real change is made to the back office? We have to get to a position where implementation is valued every bit as much as policy and strategy
4. The cycle of change: A lot of things will take time to sort if we are to get to the root cause. If the political cycle (or the period that staff are assigned to roles) is too short then all that happens is that plasters get stuck on the problem. Worse still, all that this does is to layer more cost and complexity to a situation by treating the symptoms rather than the cause
5. Lack of clarity on responsibilities: How often do we find that there are many authorities or organisations who impact or influence an area of spend?

Full post and comment here.  Excellent points.

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