CBI Survey – tell the world what you think of UK Government Procurement

We’ve got a couple of surveys to promote that we’d encourage as many readers as possible to complete.

The first is from the CBI – the body that represents UK business – who put out an interesting review of government procurement initiatives late last year  (we covered it here), based on a survey of private sector firms who assessed the progress that was being made.

It got a fair bit of press, and now the CBI are repeating the exercise, to assess progress in the eyes of businesses who are, as it were, on the receiving end of the government procurement initiatives. That is, in the main, those driven centrally by Cabinet Office, but includes what is going on in other parts of the public sector too. As the CBI says:

“The results will help shape a new report in the autumn setting out ideas for how business and government can work together to improve procurement and contract management performance across the public sector”.

The survey asks  businesses about the quality of their relationships with commercial partners in the public sector, whether framework contracts are an effective tool for opening up markets, and how close they think government is to operating as a world class customer.

Jim Bligh, Head of Public Services at the CBI said:

“In our 2012 report Buying a brighter future members scored the government 8 out of 10 for its strategy, but only 5 out of 10 for implementation. We hope the survey results will show that things are getting better.”

Now I suppose the CBI should want things to get better, as we all would. But being a pedantic statistician by training, the purpose of a survey is to accurately reflect views, not to “show things are getting better”! That small quibble apart, the CBI has shown it is not afraid of criticising the government where that is justified, and this is clearly a worthwhile exercise.

And the more respondents, the more reliable and more influential the findings will be. It only takes 10 minutes, so if your firm is a supplier to or deals with the public sector at all, please complete the survey or encourage the appropriate person in your organisation to do so.

You can complete the new online survey here.

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