More from Channel Four News on outsourcing in the public sector

I mentioned the Channel Four report on outsourcing in the public sector last week, including a video featuring me.

Well, they've got part 2 up on the site now, and this time, there are three videos featuring me! If you play them simultaneously you get a truly terrifying effect.  I recorded five I think in total but I wasn't sure they would use them all. (One more to come next week perhaps)?

Anyway, this time, I'm talking about outsourcing in the Prison sector, in Councils, and in the Health Service. I’ve tried to give a balanced view, just as Sonia Rothwell, who wrote the article and developed the feature has done.  This week, she’s featured the scope and scale of the work of Capita, G4S and Serco carry out for the public sector, highlighting just how many different tasks they carry out.

So, we may come back to these sectors in more detail next week, but do take a look on the Channel Four site if you feel up to it. Here's one of the videos (on local authority outsourcing)  ... two more on the site!


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  1. Christine:

    Excellent interview, Peter! Agree with all points!

  2. life:

    More excellent stuff! – and with a vaguely familiar background….

    Seriously, “Spend Matters” on C4? It’s topical, all the time, and allowed enough scope could be seriously enlightening – the media are pathetic on procurement and there’s enough angles (lots mentioned within the vid) to pick some really interesting “low hanging fruit”. Also think Spend Matters is fairly uniquely positioned/trusted to break through most of the “commercial in confidence” fog that clouds everything.

    Wouldn’t wish the life of Kevin McCloud on anyone, but just saying!

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