Charles Dominick at NLPA gets his kids to explain procurement

Charles Dominick was either inspired or crazy enough back in 2000 to decide to take on the might of the global procurement Institutes – CIPS and ISM in particular – and set up his own procurement education and accreditation initiative – the Next Level Purchasing Association, which awards the SPSM (Senior Professional in Supply Management) certification.

He’s been successful too, particularly in the US, but also in developing countries where the relatively low-cost on-line based education has obvious attractions to many. But Dominick is an serial innovator, and he also set up the Next Level Purchasing Association, with free membership, which he claims has “over 230,900 members” and is therefore the largest professional body in the profession.

But we’re not featuring that today – his latest idea is less grandiose in its intent than the NLPA but is again innovative and, in our opinion, rather wonderful!

He’s persuaded or bribed his own kids, Carson and Maleena, into speaking in short videos that explain the definitions of procurement, supply chain, supplier information management and other common terms – “pre-school professors”!

I know what my daughter would have said if I’d suggested this a few years back so I have great admiration for his powers of negotiation apart from anything else! And it is a novel approach – you do tend to watch the short videos all the way through, and the kids are great, even though the actual content is rather dry. (I wonder if it would be more interesting if he’d asked the kids to describe “procurement” and the other terms in their own words rather than reading from a script)?

Well done Charles, for a genuinely innovative and fun marketing approach, and perhaps a lesson for CIPS and others – if we’re trying to get the message across to youngsters that procurement is a great career, perhaps we need to think about different ways of achieving this.

Here’s an example and they’re all at the NLPA channel on YouTube.


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  1. George Owens:

    I found this an excellent thought provoking article. Hopefully the points raised will help CIPS and its members to think a bit wider and more real world about how best to integrate procurement career and best practice thinking in to society.

    George Owens
    Frontier Business Solutions Ltd.

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