Choosing the Right Technology – Research Paper Available Now!

We are pleased to announce that our first research paper written for our Public Spend Matters Europe site and audience is published today. It is sponsored by Vortal, our lead sponsor for that site, but like everything we publish, it is written independently, based on our experience, views and knowledge of the procurement world.

The title is “Implementing the eProcurement Mandate - Technology Choices and Key Decision Factors.” We look at the implications of the European Commission directives that will require all public bodies across the EU to use eProcurement for large elements of their procurement and contracting work.

However, some of the issues we discuss are relevant to the private sector world as well. In particular, a major element of the paper looks at one particular issue – whether to build your own eProcurement system or buy a bespoke solution. And whilst some of the arguments there are particular to the public sector (e.g. the need to make future adaptations of the system when EU regulations change), many apply to the private sector too.

The issues are also broadly applicable to make versus buy decisions in many software areas, and are certainly applicable in our space whether we are talking P2P, eSourcing, or even spend analytics and risk management solutions. So if you have any of those decisions to make, or are just generally interested in that topic, the paper should be worth reading even if you are not in the public sector currently.

You can read a longer article about the paper, with a short extract, on the Public Spend Matters Europe site today here; and you can download the paper, free on registration, here.

But to jump to a firm conclusion, there is one major recommendation we can definitely make. That recommendation is, in the vast majority of cases, to select an existing solution and solution provider rather than developing a bespoke solution, whether the bespoke system is to be built by internal resources (e.g. the in-house IT team) or by an external IT provider or consulting firm.

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