Christmas Party night – get into the mood with Steeleye Span

We don't normally do music on a Thursday, but as this is apparently THE most popular day for Xmas parties (source; Made-up Statistics Inc), we thought we'd make an exception. And do remember if you are out tonight - you have to work with these people the rest of the year.

I actually went to see the very wonderful Steeleye Span this week in concert at Farnham Maltings. Maddy Prior doesn't skip around quite like she used to, but her voice is still amazing, and Peter Knight on violin and Rick Kemp on bass are still two of the absolute all time masters of their instruments. They performed the whole "Now We Are Six" album, arguably their best, with classics such as Thomas the Rhymer, Edwin and Long-a- Growing.

It actually got me feeling quite (sniff) emotional, as the first time I saw them live was the tour after that album came out. I won't say when that was but you can look it up. I was very young. A shared love, rather weirdly, for both Pistols-type punk and English electric folk was also a major factor in my wife and I first getting together.

Anyway, they did a few Christmas songs, and very lovely they were too. So here is one they played (Gaudete) - and one they didn't - just to get you into the festive mood!

Sorry, no video for this but I love the song so much. Used to sing it in the school Madrigal Group (sniff..)

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