Christmas wishes from Spend Matters UK / Europe

So, another year over, another just begun, as John Lennon said in his second most irritating song (after the truly gruesome “Imagine”). Actually, we're not quite there yet, but we're on the final straight of 2012, sprinting for the line like Mo Farah, but slowed somewhat by large quantities of chocolate, mince pies and the odd drop of alcohol..

And neither rust nor Spend Matters sleeps! We'll be taking two days off now, then we'll be back with our top albums of 2012 feature between Christmas and New Year – and some procurement stuff as well, for those of you who are diligent enough to want to keep up with the latest thinking, news and opinion.

I do want to thank everyone who has supported Spend Matters this year. We've continued to grow readership and we've launched both the subscription site PRO and our jobs site search4 procurement. And there's more excitement to come in 2013...  But we would be nothing without our readers. No readers, no point in writing, no sponsors.

So I am so grateful to everyone who takes the time to visit the site and read our material -  and even bigger thanks to those of you who comment. When I first got into blog sites, probably six or seven years ago – mainly political to begin with – I could see how the quality of the “comments” played a huge role in how I perceived the site’s credibility and strength. I am therefore truly delighted that we've developed a vibrant, amusing, interesting, controversial (at times) and inter-active comments ecosystem. Let's hope more and more of you join in next year!

Thanks also of course to our sponsors. They have been, and are, a great bunch of firms and people to work with. So name checks to BravoSolution, Coupa, Achilles, Sourcing Interest Group, Emptoris / IBM, CombineNet, Seal Software, Gatewit and Zycus who have sponsored us in 2012. And also to Xchanging, Proxima, OB10, SAP and Xoomworks who haven't been site  sponsors as such, but with whom we have also worked this year.

Finally, thanks to all our guest writers, your input is much appreciated. More of that in 2013 I hope as well. And finally thanks to Jane, Ginny, Miriam, Joanne and Andy for help in various ways, and a very happy Christmas, New Year and Holidays to everyone.

And don't forget to check out great jobs on our Spend Matters search4 procurement website! 


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  1. Steve Pannell:

    Thank goodness! Another person who agrees that Imagine by John Lennon and the Christmas song he wrote are truly awful! I thought it was a case of the emperor’s clothes. Happy Christmas Peter!

  2. The Guitar Man:

    ..and a Happy Christmas to you, friends, family and your readers!

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