CIPS and ISM link up and recognise qualifications

Supply Management reports that;

"Qualified purchasers in the US and UK can now apply to use the MCIPS and the CPSM accreditations after their names.  It means holders of the US’s CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management) will be able to apply to use the MCIPS accreditation and vice-versa. The reciprocal agreement will also help buyers who seek jobs either side of the Atlantic."

CPSM is the qualification run by the US Institute of Supply Management (ISM); MCIPS (as you all know) is the UK based but increasingly global Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply's qualification.

I guess the main benefit is that a CPSM person could get the CIPS reciprocation and could therefore apply for a job that says "must be CIPS qualified". It will be interesting to see how onerous the 'applying' is; a formality or lots of forms to fill in?  Is it worth doing to fill up my business card with more initials?

The more interesting longer term perspective is what this means for the CIPS / ISM relationship.  The two largest procurement institutes in the world exist in a classic state of 'co-opetition'. They compete for members and other revenue streams in some parts of the world, don't interfere too much in their own home territories, and work together in some areas.

Could this be the first step to a closer relationship?  Commercial co-operation going further?  Even the first step towards a global mega-Institute?

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  1. Thomas:

    Hello Julia,
    what did you do after all?

  2. Julia:

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you very much for your post here.
    I am really considering now about getting MCIPS or CPSM. I have a concern about what is the difference in terms of the worldwide recognition of these 2 certificates, and the quality of the knowledge itself. MCIPS takes longer time to be certified (which is good in my point), for the 3 levels need to be accomplished before you can be certified as MCIPS, while CPSM is just 1 level to be completed to be certified, which I think might be condensed in terms of knowledge. I have to consider as for CIPS, they just open this year a classroom course in my country, while CPSM there is no schedule for this year, I just can learn online only, or I have to wait for others to enroll. Thank you very much for your further advice on the quality as well as the global acceptance of the 2 certifications. I really wanna refresh my knowledge and certified for the further step in my career as international procurement professional after more than 12 years working in procurement for multinational companies in Vietnam.

    Warm regards,

    1. Uzair:

      Dear Julia,

      I have the same question and would like to ask about the decision you went with along with what your reasons were.

      All the best in your career!


      1. Taleah Samaru:

        I have been studying CIPS for the past 7 years of so, moving from level 2 up the ranks and I am now completing level 6 an doing so via self study. I must say that I researched CPSM and compared to CIPS but I feel like the quality of knowledge from CIPS is a bit better. Levell 6 is a lot of reading, further researching is needed as well and they do provide you with the resources via your online account. I will advise CIPS any day.

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