CIPS announces review of governance. A nation holds its breath.

Sorry, no need for sarcasm! Actually, there's an announcement on the CIPS website that looks pretty dull, but might in time lead to some quite significant and very interestign changes I suspect.

CIPS Council has set up a Review Team to examine its current Governance Structure.  Its remit will be to look at whether the current structure in place is fit for the future as CIPS continues to grow and develop.

Presumably this will look at the role of the various CIPS bodies; Council, Board etc, perhaps also other interest groups and (one would hope) the role of members. It may also look at the international issues now that CIPS is so strong in so many parts of the world.

I would also hope that members would be consulted at some stage in the process; the Review Team is going to present to Council in June, so perhaps after that, the wider membership can be involved in the debate in a structured and meaningful manner.

We've written before about the intrinsic tensions CIPS - like most professional Institutes - has in terms of potentially conflicting objectives. What is an Institute for - is it a fundamentally commercial body; or an organisation that primarily represents the interests of members; or a 'charity' type entity which is driven by the public good?  It seems like a good time to be reviewing the aims of CIPS, and I suspect looking at Governance will actually bring some of these issues to the fore.

Questions are being invited now, but at the moment, there is nothing on the table to question or comment on, so I can't see many people doing that.  There's also a slight practical issue; the announcement says;

If you have any questions about the project or the process please contact your Council representative – all contacts can be found on the CIPS website.

But only 3 of the 30-odd Council members give a contact email address, so its a bit difficult to know how members are supposed to make contact!  It would seem sensible for all council members to offer some route for contact; perhaps an email address for each?

Anyone from CIPS like to comment on that idea?

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