CIPS dinner – an apology and a few missed ‘procurement’ opportunities on the way home

Its 3.30 am. Back to my hotel from CIPS dinner. I've been asked twice by nice young men if I would like to meet nice young women during my 25 minute 3 kilometer stroll from Grosvenor Square to Warren Street. I said no by the way, hence why I'm blogging back in my room...Frankly, a kebab would have been a more attractive prospect than a young woman given the consumption of red wine tonight and my general moral and physical disposition...
And blogging mainly to apologise that the live Tweeting idea didn't work, not sure why, I thought I had done several then started getting error messages from Twitter. B*****y technology.Was it the venue or my new HTC Smartphone? don't know.
So I'm thinking of an innovative Twitter thing tonight (Friday).
Anyway, pretty good event all in all.
Time for a few hours sleep - and again, apologies for the lack of Tweets!

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