CIPS dinner – hundreds trapped in champagne reception horror…..

I don't know why the dinner moved from the Dorchester to the Marriott Grosvenor Square but (at the risk of losing any chance of freebies from Marriott)....could we move it back again please?

I thought the waiting staff were very good, but the area we had for the reception was just TOO SMALL.  The room is not as nice as the Dorchester And the food  But Ben Fogle was very good as the after dinner speaker, and Shirley Cooper as carried off the nerve-wracking President's opening speech very confidently.

And as usual, very good to see old firends; Julie Homer, (Julie, send me your email address if you read this!) thriving in prison ...sorry, I mean Prison Service (procurement), Malcolm Harrison, who has moved out of procurement (latterly as Nestle's CPO) to become MD of Rexam's Plastic Packaging division; Gerry Walsh, greatly enjoying buying the Olmypics; and John Oughton, looking much more relaxed than he ever did when he was CEO of OGC!  Jon Hughes doesn't usually make it as the event clashes often with Cheltenham Week but thisyear it didn't so it was good to see him and his Future Purchasing colleagues; as well as other friends from procurement 'corporates' such as CIPS GPA, Procurement Leaders, Purcon, Langley, and the Buying Team. And many others of couse, including all the people on our table who were excellent company.

And several people admitted to reading the blog which was gratifying, although the music posts seemed to be at least as popular as the procurement stuff!

Finally, can I apologise to the handful of people who may have guessed that I couldn't remember your name when you said hello.  It is not rudeness, purely old age, and what usually happens is about 5 seconds after you walk off, the brain kicks in and I go "Oh S**t! That was Fred from XYZ plc..."

So nothing personal and many apologies.  And of course it does get worse as the evening wears on.....

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  1. Julie Homer:

    Totally agree about the reception area, it was far too small and ridiculously hot.
    Great to see you too and I cant wait for the book signing!

    Should have been meeting (edited due to fears of libel action) the following day but he cancelled as he’d hurt his leg………wonder if anyone saw him fall down drunk?

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