The procurement world at play; the morning after the (CIPS dinner) night before

I was up for my 5 mile jog around Hyde Park this morning at 6am, nothing better for clearing the head after a CIPS dinner.... (and if you believe that, you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a supplier negotiation!)

I had a Twitter failure last night - not really the same telling you now what I was going to say... oh well, sorry about that!

So, how was it? Here's my everything you wanted to know about the event in a handy, cut-out-and-keep, marks out of ten format. I'll come back to the President's speech next week in more detail.

Venue - Marriott Grosvenor Square; drinks before dinner again held in an unsuitably small room - horrible. Dining room - OK, not as impressive as Grosvenor House or Dorchester.  5/10

Food - started well, crab tart very good. Lamb tasty, but fatty, pud forgettable. 7/10

Speeches – Peter Rushton did very well, confident and well-judged (more next week). Kriss Akabusi was a mix of the inspirational and the rambling. He worked in some references to procurement which I liked (although others I spoke to didn't) but in my opinion, 45 minutes is far too long for an after dinner speech, particularly when it doesn't start till 11.10! Post dinner 'networking' didn't therefore start till midnight... 8/10 (Rushton), 7/10 (Akabusi)

Service / logistics ; speech didn't start till 11.10pm, 40 minutes late! I couldn't see any reason other than slow food service. Very poor. 3/10

People; I sat between a very lovely and charming lady and a big Scot who got quite upset that Rangers had been knocked out of the Europa Cup! Thanks a lot to CIPS GPA, top recruiters, for their excellent hospitality. Managed to catch up with quite a few people although as always there are others you see across a crowded room and don't quite get to.. but 10/10 anyway

Gossip, rumour and innuendo; disappointingly thin on the ground. Fun to see the candidates for the Government CPO job chatting amicably; comparing interview notes perhaps?

So there you go for now - more next week. I'm just off to the gym now for a two-hour power workout on the stepper while I conference call Bill Gates. On the other hand, I could just have a little lie down...(snore.....)

Here's a picture of Akabusi in full flow...

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  1. Mike Pringle:

    Hi Peter
    Brilliantly summed up. Agree with every point you made. Enjoyed our lunch very much. Keep in touch.
    all the best

  2. David Atkinson:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon Peter..

    You’re spot on about the venue. The main problem was the MASSIVE gaps between the courses at dinner. I think it was about 3 hours for a dinner that you could scoff down in 10 minutes if you were so inclined. The venue let us down.

    Kris Akabusi was good but due to the timing issues, one of our crew had to leave half way through to catch the last train home. Nevertheless, I thought him good, despite it being thematically the same as Steve Backley’s a couple of years ago (albeit superior than Steve’s).

    From where we were sitting Kris’s speech was somewhat marred by disrespectful mischief-making on a table nearby, noisily distracting all the tables around them. They know who they are so I won’t mention the table number – unless someone asks of course 🙂

    I thought Peter Ruston’s speech was a little lacklustre to be honest. I have a lot of respect for Peter – he’s one of the good guys – but he seemed rather restrained and I’m not convinced his message was rallying enough. Just an opinion. Happy to hear others’.

    Catching-up with old friends and colleagues is always fun and I enjoyed a lot of good discussion. With the ropey logistics, this meant a very late night indeed.

    All in all a very good evening out but I do hope they switch the venue next year.

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