CIPS Has a New Website: Big Improvement Despite Dizzying Home Page

CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) has got a new website!

Our research suggests the last big refresh was back in 2012, so this is a most welcome update.  At first sight, the new site is a big improvement on the previous version, looking much more contemporary, colourful and direct.

But one immediate constructive comment or suggestion – having five rotating main stories – a  picture plus a few words - on the homepage is fine (one about the new CEO, one about the Power List etc), but the rotation is too rapid. It is a five-second rotation, which has two problems. Firstly, even a fast reader wills struggle to pick up the words, and secondly it just makes your head hurt if you stay on it for any length of time! 10 seconds would be much better, maybe even 15.

The core headings and navigation seem clear, with headings For Individuals, For Business, Learn, Events, Membership and Who we are. There is new content beyond the design changes too – the “what is Procurement” section is good, although I was surprised that clicking on the “find out more” boxes took me to other pages on the website rather than to some sort of “how to contact us” instruction. Indeed, that seems to be a bit lacking generally.

You don’t want too much of a hard sell, but there are lots of pages about careers, qualifications and so on that surely are crying out for inclusion of “if you are interested in knowing more about how we can help you, contact us like this…”   And why are there no links (that I could find) from the “careers in procurement” pages to the excellent CIPS iBuy website, that we complimented fulsomely here?

Moving on to other headings, the Events section has a new search format that once I got over some initial hiccups (probably a cookie issue or something), is rather good. You can find branch events, the Fellows programme, conferences and so on pretty quickly and easily.

I think the “Knowledge Partnerships” under the 'Knowledge' heading should explain that (in most cases) this is a commercially driven programme, not CIPS endorsing these firms as the best in their sectors. That strikes me as mis-representation – might the Advertising Standards Authority be interested?

But anyway, that’s a complaint we’ve made before. So sticking to the new site, I’m sure that it will evolve and improve further over time, but already it is a very good step forward for the Institute despite those few potential areas for improvement.

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First Voice

  1. Mr Grumpy:

    It’s an absolute hash of a re-skin job. For example for students clicking on their results link will take them to the page in the old layout. Not sure who agreed the statement of work on that one, must do better for sure.

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