CIPS Middle East Conference

The CIPS Middle East Conference 2016 in Dubai is almost upon us – April 26th to be precise. The organisers expect well over 200 people and there are only a few places left – so secure your place here. The conference is followed by the Supply Management Awards in the evening, with guests including Madonna, George Clooney, the entire Kardashian family, David Beckham … OK, so we got a bit carried away there, that wasn’t quite true, but the Awards are a really enjoyable event that recognise excellent procurement achievement in the region.

Highlights of the day include keynote presentations and breakout sessions from leading players in the industry including:

  • Nick van Keulen, Contracting and Procurement Manager, Qatar Shell companies
  • Essam Disi, Director Strategy and Policy, Dubai SME
  • Raed Safadi, Executive Director of the Research and Public Sector, Dubai's Department of Economic Development
  • Marika Lindstrom, Vice President, Procurement Operations, Unilever
  • And internationally renowned motivational speaker Jim Lawless who will get you rushing off to fulfil your destiny and deliver value for your organisations!

View the website at for a full list of speakers. Topics include aligning procurement with business delivery, supplier relationship management (SRM), unlocking the power of marketing and emotional intelligence and an overview of the macro-economic outlook of Dubai.

The founder of Spend Matters, Jason Busch, made a brief trip to Dubai recently. He wrote two excellent articles for the Spend Matters PRO subscription service – here is a short extract which sums up one of the exciting aspects of procurement in the Middle East. He talks about a growing and enthusiastic professional class, comprising both “imported” and local executives, and how this is one of the positive factors that is likely to drive the region forward in the long run. I’m sure this enthusiasm, a desire for knowledge and for business performance improvement that I’ve also observed in the region will make this a very exciting event!

“It is easy to judge the Middle East as a set of countries dependant entirely on energy exports. But those with an insider view might take the opposite perspective. Energy is actually serving as the first of the “rocket boosters” to fuel the import not just of external labor and expertise but to get a sustainable market economy and a growing middle class into orbit. This long view is one that will serve procurement executives well as they look to expand the priorities and sphere of influence for purchasing and supply chain activities across the region”.

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