CIPS, NIGP and IIAPS – the acronyms are partnering in the procurement world…

Good to see a developing spirit of partnership from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. The new issue of Supply Management features two new tie-ups for CIPS.

The Partnership for Public Procurement was founded in 2011 by CIPS and the US based Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP) to “ apply our combined strength to foster a common international standard of public procurement practice”. It has been pretty low profile until now, but the launch of a web portal to promote best practice in public procurement may change that.

The site, which can be found at, aims to drive professionalism in public purchasing. Some competition for the Public Spend Forum perhaps? Here’s what Supply Management says:

“The portal highlights the values and guiding principles drawn up by the two institutes which have already been adopted by more than 80 associations. There is also a Public Procurement Profiler, designed to help public organisations understand and increase the strategic effectiveness of their procurement function... There are also currently 20 procurement practice documents available, with more to be added in the future”.

We’ll take a look at the library at least and give you our views on that shortly.

Then, even more interesting perhaps, there is a CIPS partnership with IIAPS, the International Institute for Advanced Purchasing and Supply. That was the creation a few years ago of Professor Andrew Cox,  who hasn’t worked with CIPS for a few years since the Institute withdrew its contribution to the handful of academics it used to support . So this is a big reconciliation – and it’s good news for both parties, in our view.

The IIAPS educational material is of high quality and is aimed at post-CIPS graduate diploma level, so there is a good synergy there, although the two organisations do still compete somewhat in terms of organisational certification.  But the new partnership will “be working on a masters-level qualification to be launched in the coming months”.  The CIPS Executive Diploma in Strategic Sourcing will be a “beyond MCIPS” qualification, to be studied via an online distance learning system.

Cox has always been keen on practitioners demonstrating practical competence rather than just theoretical learning, so we assume the material will try to capture this principle. And it is good to see CIPS opening up somewhat in this way. Who knows, Supply Management might even acknowledge the existence of Spend Matters at this rate.

Hang on, let’s not get carried away here!

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  1. john chisunga:

    i am an mcips and i want to do a cips executive diploma in strategic sourcing online give me details

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