CIPS – revolutionary changes, your last chance to vote!

Don't forget - your proxy votes must be received by Monday morning for the CIPS Extraordinary General Meeting vote on the governance changes. The meeting is Wednesday.

Whatever you vote, support democracy, support your Institute and let's have a decent turnout!

Download the voting form here.

You need to scroll down the page - the CIPS website design is weird.

I assume David Noble as Chief Executive can act as anyone's proxy?

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Voices (6)

  1. Phoenix:

    Scratch that, just seen peter’s post – 334 votes.

  2. Phoenix:

    Right no surprise there then. What about the turnout?

  3. The Guitar Man:

    90%+ in favour of both motions.

  4. Peter Smith:

    There’s a report on the CIPS website now – 334 votes, 91 and 92% in favour for the two resolutions.

  5. The Guitar Man:

    I shall be at the meeting and I agree that all members of this fine institute should exercise their democratic right to vote whether it for or against.

    1. Phoenix:

      How did the meeting go, Guitar Man? The motion will have been passed of course, but were there many votes against?

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