CIPS SM Awards launched with BravoSolution as lead sponsor again

The current edition of Supply Management and the website feature the launch of the CIPS Supply Management awards. It's  a great event - the Oscars of the procurement world, as I describe it to my wife, who finds that somewhat humorous for some reason. As well as the excitement of the awards themselves, it tends to be a younger crowd than the CIPS dinner, pretty much 50:50 male /  female, the venue is excellent, there's a band and the host (a top comic or similar) is usually great. All factors that add up to a very good night.

I would certainly recommend organisations entering if you feel you have something genuine to shout about - the deadline is April 15th. Supply Management has some good advice for entrants in the magazine, but I would stress three things (having chaired the judges some years back and personally read 187 entries); keep it punchy; really highlight the benefits; and get some validation (from colleagues, suppliers) from outside the procurement team of what a great piece of work it was.

David Smith, CIPS Vice President, chairs the judging panel, and BravoSolution have stepped up to the plate as lead sponsors again, even though word on the street is that their after-show private party last year took 27 percentage points off their earnings.. Meanwhile, American Express along with Hays and RS are also supporting the event, with QinetiQ Commerce Decisions providing the technology support.

And of course Spend Matters will be reporting on the event  - and live Tweeting if we can get reception from the bowels of the  Grosvenor House on the 14th September!

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  1. Christine Morton:

    Shame you missed Monday, Alex.. that’s all I have to say! 😉

  2. Peter Smith:

    Just my natuarlly optimistic nature I suppose..I was sort of comparing it to the ‘main’ CIPS dinner which is still overwhelmingly male but I will bow to your more diligent guest-counting. Still a good event though.

  3. Alex:

    Peter, I know you were at the same CIPS/SM awards as I was last year,
    because we were on the same table… But you must have been wearing very strange spectacles to have thought awards attendance is 50/50 male and female! I counted at least five tables which were 100% male, and many many more which had just one or two ladies.

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