CIPS SM Awards – looking forward to dinner with BravoSolution

I was delighted to be invited to tomorrow's CIPS Supply Management awards by BravoSolution, the main sponsors of the event (yes, being a typical procurement person, I'm still trying to find out how much it cost them...)

Anyway, last night was spent trying on my ballgown and pearls and deciding which tiara to wear ready for the dinner...well, OK, I've been checking that my dress shirt is reasonably clean and I have a bow tie that doesn't revolve or light up when you squeeze it.  Women have much more fun when it comes to these things; although I have to say our masculine lives are much easier. But given my total lack of any sense of design, colour or style I don't think I'd be getting featured in Vogue or even Supply Management whatever my gender..!  Rory Bremner is the host - he did it quite a few years ago and was very funny, if a touch sarcastic about our profession at times, so I'm looking forward to seeing him perform.  Has he perfected his Clegg and Cameron yet?

Hope to see many friends and colleagues there; I've thought about trying to live blog from the event but I suspect that may be too difficult.  Subject to reception etc I will try and Twitter.... so why not sign up to follow us on Twitter and make sure you hear the latest on who is winning the big awards, which CPO has fallen over the balcony in a drunken haze, who has come to blows over the future of reverse auctions.  All the news that is fit to Tweet in fact.

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