CIPS SM Awards – Well Done Everyone! Enjoy the Hangovers …

Congratulations to all the winners at last night’s CIPS SM Awards. We weren’t there to heckle / cheer / get horribly drunk, but followed events closely on Twitter.

There are a couple of awards that might raise eyebrows based on public perception of the wider organisation involved, and when we published the short-list, there was some controversy about whether NHS England was truly a “start-up” (although that seemed to be answered quite well by one of our readers in the comments section).

We were delighted to see Manchester Airports Group listed; their CPO is a long-standing personal friend, George Owens. We hoped he might pick up the personal award too with his history of delivering real procurement change at three different and large organisations, but he was pipped by Tim Bullock, who by all accounts has done a great job at NATS. It’s an interesting question; do you judge a leader’s worth on their ability to replicate success again and again, or is doing it once really effectively just as impressive? Answers on a postcard please.

I’ve never heard of Stradia, who won the best consulting project award along with Northampton Partnership Homes. Googling tells us that they are largely a construction consulting firm, working extensively in the housing sector. Efficio and Ayming will be disappointed to miss out anyway in that category – but as we always say, getting onto the short-list is an achievement here.

The first CIPS Supply Management European Awards are being held next month on Ocotber 17th, in conjunction with ProcureCon Europe. That week is crazy – ProcureCon clashes with CIPS’ own conference in London, as well as customer events for Basware, Coupa, and BravoSolution, three of the top half-dozen or so procurement software firms in Europe! But I’m sure that will be another good night.

Anyway, here is the full winners’ list, and well done again to everyone.

Best contribution to corporate responsibility

Heathrow Airport


Best process improvement initiative

Manchester Airports Group


Best cross-functional teamwork project

John Lewis Partnership


International procurement project



People development initiative

UK Shared Business Services


Best supplier relationship management (AND OVERALL WINNER)

Jaguar Land Rover and Grupo Antolin


Most improved procurement operation: start-up

NHS England


Most improved procurement operation: step change

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust


Best procurement consultancy project

Stradia and Northampton Partnership Homes


Most innovative use of technology



Best contribution to the reputation of the profession

Department for International Development (DFID)


CIPS procurement and supply professional of the year

Tim Bullock, NATS


CIPS young procurement and supply professional of the year

Conception Ribaud, MTR Corporation/MTR Crossrail

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Voices (3)

  1. J.M.:

    I see that 33.3% of the awards for teams were won by organisations whose procurement director was a judge. 3 categories plus overall. I know there are supposed to be conflict of interest rules so they don’t judge there own but this seems a bit suspicious don’t you think?

  2. Sam Unkim:

    Re: the NHS England Team
    It’s not whether they are a start up. It’s whether they are now contracting outsourcing properly now that Neil Wood has “left”.

    1. Final Furlong:

      Very good Sam.

      And taking aside the notion that this team has been launched and delivered in blissful isolation of the FOM and its category towers. I sense the award of the contract to run at least one of the towers may have been influenced by the existence of this team and its planned activities. This said, hats off to Kevin Bates who clearly hasn’t allowed himself to be distracted by any of the other initiatives.

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