CIPS Supply Management Awards – more winners’ videos and a challenge

Supply Management have posted more videos of winner's interviews on YouTube.

As "Watcher of the Skies " said (sarcastically) of the ODA video when we linked to it here...

"I’m overwhelmed by the gut-wrenching passion on display in the winner’s interview. *wipes tear*

“Celebrate, good times…come on….let’s have a celebration….We’re gonna have a good time tonight……”

Very funny, if slightly cruel and I suppose no-one ever said you have to be a great interviewee to be a successful procurement leader.  The video with the  Cancer Research ladies is more lively - some  energy and excitement there which was good to see.

But all this did get me thinking. And Paul Snell of Supply Management  commented on the SM website that  "this year’s CIPS SM Awards certainly appeared to be less boisterous. Even with more people in the room than ever before, this year’s audience appeared relaxed and calm in comparison to the raucous mob (and I write that with no disrespect intended) that came along last year".

I also spoke to one guest - a professional engineer who hadn't attended before - who said he was surprised that there wasn't a bit more excitement around. Why no speeches from the winners, for instance?

The answer to that is, "it all takes quite long enough already" I suspect. But while I do think it is still a tremendous event, it did get me thinking - it's more than 10 years now since the event started, and inevitably some of the initial novelty has worn off. So are there ways in which it could be improved? Made more exciting?

Perhaps videos of the judges actually in session could be shown (perfect for some good natured ribaldry, I suspect..)? Announce the winners in blocks during dinner so you don't get the "award fatigue " of 12 awards, one after another? Perhaps the winners should sing a song with the Front Covers? Could we do a live Web broadcast?

It's a bit cheeky getting into this here I suppose, given it is a Supply Management event, but we all have a common interest in making this flagship event for the profession even more successful and enjoyable. So comments or suggestions here will, I'm sure, be very welcome.

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  1. Andrew:

    One suggestion would be that the Judges summaries during the awards presentations need to be livened up. This year they were incredibly dull. Some were so bad that they actually got more laughs than our hostess for the evening! Other than that I thought it was an excellent event, especially given that there were (I am told) 1100 attendees which is some achievement for CIPS.

  2. The Guitar Man:


    Having attended (in one capacity or another) almost every SM Awards, I think that I disagree with Paul Snell on this occasion. I didn’t find this year’s awards any less boisterous or enthusiastic than previous years. Less tipsy possibly (which may be the result of less wine or better quality wine!) until they joined you on the dance floor when the shackles were unleashed. I see a group of professionals who, despite occasional adverse commentary, really care about what they do and still do like to win! I thought this year’s event was exellently managed, ran to time (indeed ahead of time), had a fine celebrity host and provided much enjoyment and revelry. To have winner’s speeches would allow this all to run on too long, would be unprepared and may end in tears (literally!). Anyone who stayed on for the band and DJ would have witnessed boisterous squared!

    Announce the winners in blocks? Videos of judges in action? Webcams? Not bad ideas and certainly worth considering. But let’s not try to fix what isn’t broken as the event had more punters this year than ever! I do, however, like the idea of the individual winner singing with The Front Covers as their current singer is definately dodgy!!!!

  3. Huhh?:

    Celebrity death match – award winners fight to the death to be crowned ulimate champion… ‘there can be only one’….

    Although one suspects that the individual award winners would be at somewhat of a disadvatage….

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