CIPS Surrey Branch, April 25th, Horses for Courses – see you there

Good grief, is it that time already!

I have only just realised that we’re less than two weeks away from my session at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) Surrey Branch meeting. Surrey is my “home” CIPS branch, and I understand that the branch network has been going through something of a renaissance, so I hope we will get a decent attendance.

The event is titled “Horses for Courses” (spot the topical supply chain reference...) and is being held next Thursday, 25th April, 6.30 – 8pm, at in the YMCA in Guildford, which is handily located just across the road from the station.

I’m going to be talking about  the different methods of obtaining and verifying supplier information, how to perform necessary due diligence, make sure your suppliers behave in a manner you’d want them to (including with their own supply chain) and provide you with what it is you think you’ve agreed to buy!

The topic was stimulated by recent events around horsemeat, but there are many other examples where understandings your supply base and your suppliers has been – and continues to be – critical to organisation’s success.  So I’ll be looking at some of my personal “war stories” around suppliers over my years as a procurement practitioner, the sort of information about suppliers that we should be looking to acquire and manage, and what procurement people can do to avoid problems, manage issues when they do arise, and maximise the return we get from our suppliers.

 I’ll also touch on some of the interesting technology solutions in the supplier information management area (but don’t worry – it won’t be a deeply “techie” type presentation).  And I promise to allow plenty of time for some questions and discussion.

Tickets are free for CIPS members and are available here. Indeed, it looks like non-members are welcome too.  There are 26 places left according to the website – but as I don’t know the capacity of the venue, I have no idea whether this means there are 4 tickets already booked or 274!

Anyway, I do hope to see some of you there next week.


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