Civil service salaries; headhunters rejoice!

More on the publication of salaries of top civil servants; I spoke to someone 'on the list' today.

" It may just be a coincidence," the anonymous person of unspecified gender commented,  "but I've had two calls from headhunters this morning!"

I hadn't thought of that angle; this is gold-dust for the top recruitment firms.  Not only does it identify the folk on the list; but also creates itchy feet amongst those who aren't (and may feel pretty annoyed that their colleagues are!).

The more I think about it, the more I just don't see the point.

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  1. Jonathan Flowers:

    Top headhunters (ahem) are well aware of these salaries already – in general terms if not in precise detail.

    I have written elsewhere that one of the single biggest factors driving up senior salaries in local government (where this level of disclosure is a commonplace following TaxPayers Alliance initiatives) is the level of open-ness. You have a free market with full information – people know what they need to pay to get the best, people know what their peers are getting – it has put enormous upward pressure on. It’s my favourite example of a perverse outcome and exactly the opposite of what the TPA et al would want!

    Clearly the dynamic is a bit different now….but the fundamental issues of a market with supply and demand – and full information – remain.

    Interesting times!

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