Co-operatives rule OK and the Tories annouce another boost for procurement

Sorry for another UK public sector story but, hot on the heels of the job-creating scheme to publish contracts, it's beginning to look like really  good news for procurement folk  if the Tories win!

Here's their latest idea - public sector co-operatives.

And it is a bit like the publishing contracts idea; initially sounds great, think of John Lewis, empowered staff etc etc.  But the devil is in the detail.  What if your local hospital declares itself a co-op, then squanders its funds on higher salaries and training events in California for all staff?  Where do the patients (customers) go when the hospital co-op goes bust? Or the co-operative run Job Centre decides to only open for 3 hours a week?

I can't see how you hold the co-op to performance without real competition and effective contract management, and I can't see how you achieve that without....procurement people!  Thousands of us!  Running competitions for every school, hospital, job centre.....creating dynamic markets of motivated, high performing co-operatives, offering superb service, and real year on year price reductions as they are freed from tedious cost burdens such as public sector pensions....

Sorry, got a bit carried away there...

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