Colin Cram and Jon Hughes propose their solutions for UK public sector procurement

Good gracious!

Two people I know well - Colin Cram, ex Benefits Agency etc etc and Jon Hughes of Future Purchasing fame appeared before the House of Commons Public Administration Committee yesterday! I didn't know until too late so I haven't watched it yet...

My wife did watch it and she thought it was most entertaining. I believe Cram did promote his idea of a mega-procurement-organisation-thing to handle all government procurement which I'm afraid is total madness, and will never happen.

But you can catch up on it now here.. and we'll come back to discus it next week...

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First Voice

  1. Final Furlong:

    It was excellent to watch Jon in full flow. A voice of reason.
    Colin has also persisently promoted the need for better purchasing and he should be recognised for this. However, only Colin will be able to tell us why he (temporarily) lost his marbles and proposed, publicly, the concept of a single, ‘integrated’ (interesting to know what he meant by this…), central purchasing body to cover the circa £260 billion annual spend.
    He needs to stop shopping for ideas in Tesco.
    Jon’s concepts were logical and relevant. “Horses for courses.”

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