But what colour is it? The art of procurement presentations

I was talking recently to a senior procurement executive in a large organisation, and her role includes oversight of the  procurement technology strategy.

She was asked to give a presentation to a very senior group in the business around spend analytics, highlighting what could be gained from appropriate use of the technology. She worked hard on this, putting together very impressive graphs and charts showing all sorts of useful information. She took her presenation into the meeting , and talked through the findings. All seemed to be going well, till a very senior manager raised his hand.

"That's all very well", he said, frowning. "But what I want to know, is why have you used such a horrible colour scheme for those bar charts"?

I suppose you know you've won the argument when all they can find to complain about is your artistic talent - which, as my friend confessed, is not one of her strong points.  But, as she said, at that particular moment she did feel like wrapping her laptop around his neck...

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