COMA – a far from sleep inducing App!

(Here is another in our series from Hadewij Van De Kamp, who writes for our new site Spend Matters Netherlands. She’s reviewing Apps, designed for your smartphone or tablet, with a procurement, cost management or supply chain angle…)

You know the situation. Procurement staff, along with someone from engineering, R & D, logistics and sometimes even their bosses as well, all meeting with a supplier. Or worse, a major supplier delegation! This phenomenon is common when a company visit occurs. Obviously, this can be useful and helpful, but my experience shows that often executives are invited merely to even up the numbers, to make some impact because of seniority or office politics, or because we’re worried not enough of our people will turn up!

So, in my search for useful apps for the supply chain professional, I came across the hilarious COMA, Cost of Meeting App, which is an entertaining – if not deeply serious – App.

The App does what it promises - it calculates the cost of any meeting you’re involved with. You enter the number of attendees and their average hourly pay or cost rate and start the App. A counter starts running, a fire graphic is visible, and the text "burn, baby, burn" appears! In itself, it is very entertaining, especially if you want to project it onto a large screen during the meeting. However you look at it, cost awareness will be growing...!

At the end of the event, press the button "cut your losses" and the app shows the costs incurred in the meeting and asks if it was worth it.

This particular free application is made for the IOS applications (by LBi), but I saw similar products on the market for Android devices.

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