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CombineNet went live last week as a Spend Matters Associate sponsor; we’re grateful to them and pleased to have them on board. We seem to be a home for the firms that offer the world’s most advanced sourcing platforms; our sponsor list provides you a pretty good short list for your ITT or RFP in that field now! (And, as we’ll be stressing over the summer, if you’re not familiar with what the technology can now do, it’s well worth taking a look).

Whether you call it optimisation, high-definition or advanced sourcing, or ‘expressive bidding’, which is a CombineNet term, we’re talking about technology and services that handle complex sourcing problems. The trick is to allow potential suppliers to respond to your requirements in a more granular manner than simply saying “I can deliver what you have asked for £X cost”. At its best, it allows buyers to see how the market really works, and understand suppliers’ cost bases and preferences in an illuminating and value adding manner. We saw how well this can work with our post on BP’s use of this approach here.

CombineNet’s core product is their ASAP (Advanced Sourcing Application Platform), a web-based (‘cloud’) platform which can be used for sourcing events of “any size, scale or complexity”. They’ve gone through major change in the last couple of years and (I quote from Jason at Spend Matters US here)

“become one of the top players in a growing and important market niche, not only taking on new investors and new leadership, but also rolling out an entirely new self-service software platform and quickly gaining a double-digit list of marquis customers using it every day in their sourcing processe”.

It’s fair to say the firm has a higher profile in North America than Europe, but with offices in London and Hamburg, they are looking to grow this side of the Atlantic. We look forward to hearing more about their plans, and to featuring more about their product offering here over the next months.

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