Comensura – welcome to our new Associate Sponsor

We’re delighted to welcome Comensura to the Spend Matters family of Associate sponsors!

I’ve known of the firm for many years, and they are subtly different to many of our sponsors who tend to be primarily software vendors connected with the procurement world.  Whilst they certainly use software to deliver their business activities, Comensura are essentially a service delivery organisation.

Their core business is management of organisations’ contingent (temporary) labour spend, although as we’ll see as we get into their work in more detail over the next weeks, there is potentially more to their services than that basic explanation. But for most of their customers, they are providing a managed service, handling the entire supply chain for the contingent labour spend category. "Vendor neutral managed service" is a descriptive phrase you may have heard (or indeed 'neutral vendor managed service')!

Whilst one way of looking at the service is as an example of sector-specific procurement outsourcing, Comensura would point out that ‘procurement’ as we usually define it is only part of what they do. Indeed, it is probably the ongoing contract and supplier management that is the most critical and value adding part of their service in most cases.

So helping their clients to understand and manage demand, to ensure pricing for sub-contractors  is appropriate for different needs through contract periods, and running what is a complex area in terms of pure administration, are all key tasks for the firm.

Comensura have built a successful business, particularly in the public sector. However, the principles and benefits of what they do is absolutely applicable to any organisation, public or private, that uses contingent labour in a significant manner.

But one point that fascinates me is thinking back to the early years of my procurement career. Few organisations or CPOs would then have seen contingent labour as a key or high profile spend category. Yet now, it is probably in the top ten spend categories for many (or perhaps even most) organisations. And, like many of the major services categories, such as management consultancy, it has more complexities than are first apparent.

Anyway, we will come back to those complexities and to the Comensura business model shortly. In the  meantime, thanks again to the firm and we look forward to working with them!

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