Community Intelligence – Join Our Webinar with Coupa on December 4th

We have two more webinars left this year for your delight, education and stimulation. The first of those is on December 4th at 10am (UK time), and the topic is “Community Intelligence – A Procurement Revolution”.

Leading procurement / spend management firm Coupa is hosting the event, and I’ll be speaking along with John Callan from the firm. We have written about Community Intelligence a few times previously, and we have a briefing paper on the topic which will be available after the webinar too.

It took me a little while to realise that this topic was as important as I now believe it to be. In some ways, this is not a new concept. But advances in technology, driven by firms like Coupa, are increasing the potential for benefits from it, making it a significant tool for procurement and one which we believe procurement leaders need to understand.

The basic idea – of driving benefits through a community of organisations who are each buying separately but look to collaborate in some way – is hardly new, as we say.  Many of us have had experiences, not always good, of collaborating (or trying to) with other organisations for mutual benefit. But there have historically been some barriers to this happening effectively, and we’ll touch on those during the webinar. But as technology becomes more powerful, and platforms like Coupa’s offer more capability, and a wider range of users, then those barriers are falling away.

A good example of this came with the Coupa report issued earlier this year, that used real data from Coupa users to provide benchmarks on 12 key spend management metrics. As we said at the time, the strength of this was the fact it was actual data rather than people responding to a questionnaire.

But the scope for Community Intelligence goes much wider than just this sort of transactional benchmarking. It is starting to play into risk management tools, and even into sourcing, with buyers having the opportunity to aggregate spend across different organisations to approach the market together. That is very different from a collaborative buying organisation setting up a framework and just hoping people use it, we should stress.

So, join us for the webinar (you can register here), and we’ll go through how Community Intelligence can work, what is available now, and what might be coming soon. There will be a chance to put questions to us as always, and we hope you can join us on December 4th at 10am UK time for an illuminating 45 minutes.

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