Your Complex Sourcing Dilemmas Identified and Resolved – Use Cases Reveal How

Trade Extensions works with a varied group of customers across numerous sectors all over the globe to help with their strategic sourcing exercises. Ranging from manufacturers and retailers, to consultancies and specialist service providers, many of its customers are the true giants of their industry, and Trade Extensions helps them resolve their biggest sourcing dilemmas.

Being such large, successful and well known organisations, they wanted to remain anonymous and clearly did not want to give away part of the secret behind their successes, understandably. But what they have done, is illustrate to other users and potential users how particular challenges, common to all, can be overcome by using the Trade Extensions sourcing and optimisation platform (TESSTM).

We have written about the strengths of the platform on several occasions, but never have we been able to highlight how it actually solves companies’ sourcing problems in real life, detailing everyday complex sourcing examples. So we were delighted to see that Trade Extensions has now published a series of actual user case studies which do just that.

These are succinct, easy-to-follow and quick-to-read use cases which get right to the heart of particular sourcing problems, and explain without fuss or self proclamation how the use of optimisation software can make them pain-free.

Regardless of your industry, you are likely to find sourcing challenges outlined in these cases that match your own. Six have been published so far, with more to follow, we understand.

These include:

Air Freight sourcing – tells how a market-leading, global packaging equipment and consumables company identified a 42% savings opportunity, implemented a 21% savings scenario, and regained control of its air freight transportation spend. The company needed to improve its shipping effectiveness and therefore competitive advantage, but its current processes could not support this vision. This explains how to make that a reality.

Global-level packaging sourcing – tells how a global foods manufacturer applied its sourcing experience in multimodal global transport to global packaging, saving tens of millions of dollars. As a core part of its operating strategy, the company wanted to aggregate, strategically source and manage its global demand at the category and sometimes super-category level. This is how they managed it.

BRIC Truckload sourcing -- tells how a multi-billion dollar, BRIC-based, food and beverage conglomerate upgraded the vehicle types in its contracted fleet, improved shipment safety and saved 7% over historic costs. This is a story of how part of the organisation, completely unfamiliar with electronic sourcing, managed to take command of a complex carrier network, transform its sourcing process and reduce costs.

Compliance Reporting -- A multi-billion dollar food and beverage developed a management tool to improve operational compliance in its U.S. Full Truck Load (FTL) contracts worth $700 million. The scale of its operations meant the output of the firm’s Transportation Management System took up to five days to analyse, making it practically impossible to ensure that product movements were consistent with the awarded contract scenario. This retrospective analysis was transformed into a proactive operations step taking 30 minutes.

This is just a taste of the cases, but you can read them all here, in full.

Trade Extensions, as you may be aware, is a sponsor of Spend Matters UK/Europe, but it is not for that reason that we are bringing these cases to your attention. It is because we believe they are well produced and, moreover, useful reference material that give you first-hand insight into those sourcing issues you may well be facing yourselves.

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