Congratulations to Marie Brennan, CBE and Procurement Professional

Flicking though the New Year Honours list, I was pleasantly surprised to see the name of Marie Brennan, with a CBE no less. She is listed as “Crown Commercial Leader, Cabinet Office. For services to Commercial Capability in the Public Sector” in the published document.  However, stalking her on LinkedIn suggests she left CCS a year ago (I didn’t know that to be honest) and is now working as an interim.  You shouldn’t have let her go, CCS …

She worked in CCS and before that OGC Buying Solutions for about five years, but I first knew her when she worked for Inland Revenue procurement.  She has that famous Liverpudlian directness and sense of humour, and is a very smart lady who absolutely “gets” procurement - I’ve had a lot of admiration for her from the first time we met.  I remember seeing some excellent work she was doing in OGC (working for David Shields a few years back) around a project management framework for delivering procurement projects on time.

Anyway, the CBE level is usually given to those at very senior levels in the civil service (and to distinguished people in other walks of life of course), so this is very impressive and well deserved; many congratulations to Marie.

We’ve searched through the honours list on all the obvious words (procurement, purchasing, etc.) and can’t find anyone else from our profession, but do let us know if we have missed anyone!


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