Consulting Industry Research – Help To Shape The Industry With MCA Survey

The MCA (Management Consultancies Association), led by Alan Leaman, does a pretty good job of both representing its member firms, who represent around 60% of the UK consulting market, and helping to present the positive face of the consulting industry to the world. (We touched on their awards and the Times supplement covering the winners here.)

Last year, the MCA introduced its Consulting Excellence initiative, which committed MCA member firms to a set of principles about their work and behaviour. The nine principles cover Ethical Behaviour, Client Service and Value, and Professional Development, and are all good and sensible points. Frankly, any buyer would hope and indeed expect all their professional services firms to align with them.

The MCA is now running a survey to support the Consulting Excellence programme. It is aimed at users of consulting – all buyers of these services, whatever their size, sector, and irrespective of which consulting firms they use. As the MCA says “ It will help the consulting industry test its adherence to the tenets of the new Consulting Excellence initiative, especially those concerning client service and value”. You can do the survey here and it should take around 15 minutes.

This is a good opportunity for procurement people to provide feedback on a what is a critical spend area for money organisations. You can “help shape the future of a service you use. You can feedback what you value in consulting. You can let us know where you think the industry is being successful. You can also raise concerns”.

Don’t worry, the MCA assures us that anonymity of all participants will be scrupulously protected, although of course the findings will be used carefully to produce a public report. But no-one will be singled out in the findings or be otherwise identifiable. But if you want a copy of the report immediately on publication, you can include your name and email address when you complete the survey, and that won’t be used for any other purposes.

It’s also worth noting that the consulting industry is a huge success story for the UK and a major export earner. So your contribution will also help towards that – with Brexit coming along, we need our major business sectors to be globally top-class, competitive and successful! You can personally help towards that by contributing here.

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