Contingent Labour Expert Debate – Videos from Comensura

You may remember earlier this year we ran a workshop with an impressive group of procurement leaders from various different private firms and the public sector who had a deep interest in the procurement of contingent labour. The session was supported by Comensura, who manage those services for many clients, both public and private sector. Here is an extract from what we said at the time when we reported on the event.

“…  it was an excellent discussion, organised and hosted by supply management specialists Comensura, and I really thought the quality of the thinking was very impressive. What was gratifying was that no-one saw agency margin reduction or beating up either individual workers or agencies as a key procurement tactic. The discussion was much more around managing the demand, looking at getting the specifications for contingent roles right, and fundamentally how to get real value out of all elements of the supply chain for contingent labour.

It was also interesting how many of the participants had real issues over supply of staff. That varied from very specialist areas, such as scientists with particular skills or creative workers in the advertising world, through to factory and warehouse staff. Even in that blue-collar sector of the market, it is clear that labour supply is very "tight" in certain parts of the country. Then of course the shortages in the public sector in areas such as health and social care are well known and documented.

We also had a fascinating discussion about the Uberisation of work, and we asked the question - are we entering the age of dis-aggregation?”

Anyway, the fine people at Comensura have now put together a series of very professional videos with highlights from the discussion, looking at the key topics that we covered on the day. If you’re interested in that spend category, we’re sure you will find something worthwhile here. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll bring you some highlights from each of the videos here on Spend Matters, but do take a look at the trailer here - and you can then register to see all of the videos.

And for further reading, Comensura have produced an excellent paper (in two parts): Contingent Labour Review: Key Procurement Priorities (Part 1) — Setting the scene for changedrawing on the real issues faced today by procurement teams managing the growing area of contingent labour spend. It analyses market structures, maturity levels and makes recommendations for senior procurement executives. And Part 2 - Tomorrow’s market and how to manage it, looking at those challenges, and what they might mean for the future of the market, with recommendations for procurement professionals on how to get most value out of their expenditure.

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