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Last week we mentioned the letter to senior civil servants suggesting they need to look at contract management capability, and recommending the Framework I wrote with the National Audit Office in 2008. We got this comment:

"Great move, Peter, there would be absolutely no point expending public resources to re-invent guidance when perfectly acceptable documents already exist.

I might also remind readers about “You and Your Contractor”. Designed principally for practitioners in local government but useable in a wide range of public service applications, this manual of contract and relationship management (to which you personally contributed) is still available to download free from the London Councils website here.

This is the second edition, published in June 2011. It’s easy-to-read and includes lots of real, toe-curling case studies to get your teeth into".

I want to endorse this fully - the document is absolutely first class, and has real value for public and private sector organisations - as I think does the NAO Framework. Both have wide application across many industries, I believe rather than being purely public sector focused.

Andy Davies, who was the principal author, and is now Director at the London Universities Purchasing  Consortium, did a great job in developing the manual. It is actually very complementary to the NAO  Framework, which is fairly theoretical – “You and Your Contractor” is much more practical and includes templates, examples of key documents, and is basically a real toolkit to help people and organisations execute contract management successfully.

Use the two documents together, and you should have a pretty good basis for improving contract management. And of course our papers on “Building the Business Case for Contract Management” help you take that further step where investment is needed.

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