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September feels like the real “New Year” to me, never mind the calendar - the start of the school / college / university year, and a sense of new beginnings. I know we’re still in the dog days of August, but before you know it, the summer will be over and from a business perspective we’ll be back into a whirl of conferences, webinars, dinners and..  what do you mean, it’s starting already? A webinar on September 3rd? Already?!

Yes indeed, on September 3rd, at 10am Chicago time, 4pm in the UK, 5pm in most of Western Europe , I’ll be speaking along with Iasta / Selectica executives on the topic of contract management, one of my favourite subjects. And we love the back to school appropriate title: We Don’t Need No Education (But We Do Need Contract Management)!

As you may remember, Selectica acquired Iasta recently (although it feels more like merger of equals), bringing Selectica’s impressive contract management products together with Iasta’s wider spend management suite. So Selectica are real contract management experts, and have looked at it from both the buy side and the sell-side of contracts, which should bring an interesting perspective to the debate.

So I’ll be speaking during the session along with Constantine Limberakis (Iasta), and Patrick Stakenas (Selectica). We’ll cover:

  • What is driving global business to look more closely at contract management
  • How contract management plays into overall corporate strategy and why NOW is the time for organizations to really grasp enterprise CLM (contract lifecycle management)
  • Why procurement should take the lead in enterprise contract management, and more importantly, how to become CLM leaders
  • What technologies, solutions, and approaches are needed for enterprise CLM?
  • How to make your business case for an enterprise CLM

And we’ll see if we can slip in a few back to school and /or Pink Floyd jokes along the way. Actually, having quickly trawled the Internet, forget the Pink Floyd jokes – nothing there I would repeat even late at night in a dodgy bar!

Clearly, no-one is suggesting that procurement can or should carry out every last bit of contract management activity within their organisation. But the blunt fact is this - if lousy contract management leads to contracts failing, with the consequent negatives for the organisation, it is usually procurement that gets the blame. Your stakeholders will assume it was a bad supplier selection decision in the first place, or a poorly constructed contract or bad negotiation. Whatever, it was your fault.

So even if you are only get involved in contract management as a defensive manoeuvre to protect the procurement function’s reputation, then its worth doing. Of course there is more to it than that, and many more positive reasons to seek to improve contract management performance, and we’ll get into those too on September 3rd.   And you can register here for the free webinar.

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