Contract Management Webinar with Icertis – Accelerating Time to Value

What are you doing next Wednesday (13th September)? Well, if you have any interest in contract management, you might like to spend the first hour of your working day from 9 am to 10 am (for UK readers anyway) taking part in a webinar with Icertis and Spend Matters. It is titled "Accelerating Time to Value", and will look at how organisations can get real benefits - and quickly - from contract management technology solutions.

If you don't know the firm, Icertis is a leading specialist enterprise-class contract management lifecycle solution provider, and their solution is used by many clients for both buy-side (procurement) and sell-side contracts. The firm is  probably better known in the US than Europe at the moment but is making a real effort to change that. They have recruited a number of “big hitters” here recently, mainly senior ex-Emptoris IBM staff by the look of it.

You might draw some conclusions from that, and you would probably be right! With IBM announcing earlier this year that the Emptoris product is effectively being wound down, there will be many users of the Emptoris contract management capability who are wondering what to do next. IBM is recommending a switch to SAP Ariba, and that may well be a good solution for some.

But any good procurement professional would want to consider their options in a situation like this, and other leading contract management providers (including Icertis) will no doubt see that as an opportunity.

So in the webinar, I’m going to be talking about why procurement people must take contract management seriously (I have been saying this for many years …), how technology can help and how you can build the business case for investment. I will also identify some of the key “decision factors” you should consider if you are looking at a software selection decision in a post-Emptoris world, or indeed you are just considering investment generally in this area.

There will also be a speaker from Microsoft, which is both a user of Icertis and a partner in technology terms - Icertis is itself is built primarily on top of Microsoft’s Azure technical infrastructure.  Then Martin Mohr of Icertis, their GM in Europe, will get into the product in a bit more detail too. There will also be time for questions and answers within the hour, and we hope it will be informative and stimulating for the audience.

You can register here now – we look forward to joining you next week.

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