Contract Management Webinar next Tuesday

We mentioned yesterday in our introduction to Seal Software that we’re running a FREE webinar next week on Tuesday 25th September at 1730 UK time, 1830 in France, Germany etc, 1230 US East Coast;  “Getting to Grips with Contract Management - Managing Contract Visibility, Risk and Opportunity as a CPO”.

We'll be talking about our new research paper, available now for practitioners on registration (or PRO subscribers) here, titled: Preparing for Procurement in 2020: Negotiation, Contract and Supplier Information Overload -  Getting to Grips with Contract Management

In our view, contract management is probably the greatest relatively untapped value opportunity for procurement functions in most organisations. My personal experience of taking over as a CPO will come into the discussion; asking "can I see the contracts database" and being met with somewhat embarrassed expressions from my senior team! We didn’t even have a physical repository for key contracts, and contract management was totally dispersed around the organisation with no overview or governance. But that’s not atypical...

Clearly, CPOs and procurement functions can’t "own" and deliver every aspect of contract management. That would be an impossible task in any large organisation. But we are proposing that procurement could and should play a strong oversight role, defining processes, goals, skills required and governance for contract management across the organisation.

We'll also be talking in the Webinar about why we should bother about contract management in the first place - it comes down to risk and opportunity. And we'll look at the first steps procurement can take to start getting a grip of contract management - including a look at "contract discovery".

The paper and the webinar are aimed at CPOs, senior procurement people, and really, anyone who is interested in contract management. The webinar will feature Jason Busch, editor of Spend Matters US, Ulf Zetterberg, CEO of Seal Software, and me. We’ll do our best to make it lively and stimulating, and there'll be a chance to ask questions as well as hear us giving our views.

There's more information - and a chance to register - here. I very much hope you will be able to join us on the 25th.

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