Contract Management Webinar – This Thursday

Don’t forget our webinar on Thursday this week (December 3rd ) at 5pm in the UK, which is 11am US central time and ... you can work out the rest!

It is sponsored by Seal Software and is titled “The True Value of Contract Intelligence (And How To Unlock It!).” Please do register now, it will be a worthwhile and stimulating 30 minutes of your time. We will be discussing -

  • The risks and opportunities that are inherent in most supply contracts
  • Why it's so difficult to find and effectively manage all of your organisation's contracts
  • How contract discovery and analytics software can help solve the problems

It does sometimes feel as if we've been going on about contract management for years. That's probably because ... we've been going on about contract management for years! It is still neglected by too many procurement functions, leaders and indeed organisations overall. But when it goes wrong, as many of us know only too well, it can REALLY go wrong. A major contract failure can carry severe reputational, commercial or financial risk.

We have heard a lot over the years about some of the notable public sector failures in this area, such as the prisoner tagging contracts and a whole sad succession of failed IT contracts, but the private sector has, we suspect, just as many issues. They just don’t tend to hit the front pages. And this level of failure is surprising because, whilst of course it needs effort and commitment, the critical success factors and steps that need to be taken to improve contract management are pretty well-defined and clear.

The tools available to help achieve that are also now established and effective, so really there is no excuse. This is not rocket science, unless you work for NASA, Inmarsat or Dstl, in which case managing your contracts for rockets is indeed rocket science ...!

We’re not suggesting for a moment that “procurement” can or should take end to end responsibility for contract management – but there are key areas where we can play a key role. We’ll be talking about those areas and a lot more on Thursday. Please do join us.


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