Contract Discovery and Analytics – Webinar with Seal Software on December 3rd

We’ve got a webinar coming up shortly that (in our humble opinion) a very high proportion of procurement executives should sign up to.

The Seal Software platform is one of the rare products in our procurement technology world that generated a real “wow” moment when I first saw it. In fact, before that point, when it was first described to me I wasn’t sure I believed it. How could it discover ALL the contracts my organisation held, even those that procurement knew nothing about. Well, in particular, those that procurement knew nothing about. And how could it then analyse those contracts and tell me all the useful things I needed to know about them – onerous clauses, termination details, benchmarking or rebate conditions that we’d all forgotten about...

But having seen it, and then a few years on, with many organisations now using the product, we can say with confidence - yes it really does work. “Contract discovery and analysis” is the technical description of the capabilities we’re talking about here.

So this webinar on December 3rd at 5pm UK time (which is 11am US central time or 8pm in South Sudan*), is sponsored by Seal and is titled “The True Value of Contract Intelligence (And How To Unlock It!)” . If you sign up you can hear me talking about:

  • The risks and opportunities that are inherent in most supply contracts
  • Why it's so difficult to find and effectively manage all of your organisation's contracts
  • How contract discovery and analytics software can help solve the problems

Basically, this is about why contract management is something more organisations – and more procurement folk - should be concerned about. I’ll illustrate it with a few contract management horror stories too just to spice it up! We’re also launching a briefing paper to go with the webinar, and everyone who registers will get the hot-off-the-press copy of the paper.

So do register now, it will be a worthwhile and stimulating 30 minutes of your time. As we say, it is on Dec. 3rd, from 5pm in the UK.

*We mention that because we did a webinar recently aimed at the Nordic market for a sponsor, and we got a question from a delegate in the South Sudan! How he or she picked up on an event we were aiming at Finland, Norway etc, goodness knows - but delighted they made the effort anyway!

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