Contribute to the State of Flux / IACCM SRM survey

State of Flux are a specialist procurement consulting firm, headed by Kiwi dynamo Alan Day.  They've done excellent work in a number of areas, and, like Future Purchasing (who we wrote about the other day), I think they give the big consulting firms more than a run for their money when it comes to developing useful and insightful intellectual property in our field.

They're teaming up again with the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management, another strong and interesting organisation, to undertake their annual survey of the current state of Supplier Relationship Management.

Those who have participated in past years will be aware that this results in a valuable report, providing insights to current challenges and best practices. The report is supplemented by webinars and potential roundtable discussion groups (in some geographies).

Over 300 organisations took part in last year’s survey and gained valuable benchmarking data about SRM practices - download an executive summary of last year’s study here

This year’s survey focuses on the current state of SRM practices, value & benefits, stakeholder engagement, governance & process, people & skills, and tools & systems. It also includes a new section on “relationship characteristics” and some questions on the much talked about (but little researched) theme of “customer of choice”.

To participate in the survey, click on this link:

The survey takes 20 minutes to complete, responses will be treated confidentially and the big plus is that every participant will receive a complimentary copy of the 2011 survey report. Well worth you - or someone in the appropriate area within your organisation - spending 20 minutes on this, I would say.

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First Voice

  1. Alan Day:

    Hi Peter

    Thanks for your kind words and publishing this to your many dedicated readers.

    You will be please to know that we already racing to over 150 responses so hopefully well on target to have more than the 307 organisations that responded last year.

    Will happily provide you and your readers insight to some of the key findings when they emerge.

    Thanks and Kind regards


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