Contribute to the Most Important Piece of Research on Category Management – In Just 10 Minutes

The category management experts at Future Purchasing have been busy putting together their global 2018 benchmarking survey. The previous one, in 2016, attracted more than 300 respondents from 40 countries, including CPOs, heads of procurement, category managers, purchasing directors, corporate strategy managers, supply chain professionals, COOs, sourcing strategists, bids and contracts managers, in fact almost anyone who wants to understand more fully how this essential component of procurement can drive business strategy, performance, and process.

Now, some argue that category management (as a specialism of deep category knowledge that provides a proactive approach to spend and alignment with business objectives) is becoming less of a focus in organisations now. But the Future Purchasing team have found that this is simply not the case. In fact, the effect of digitisation is to increase the focus on the capability of procurement teams to collaborate with stakeholders and co-create visionary category strategies that allow organisations to access the full value available in each category. However, there are imperfections in how it is being implemented - most leadership teams have not formally designed their operating model for category strategy development and many category managers remain focused only on traditional sourcing activity. That’s why this survey is so important.

It identifies the elements of the category management process that correlate best with actual performance, shows weaknesses in its use and makes recommendations for an improved strategic approach. This survey drills deep into current catman usage and ensuing result patterns, and gives CPOs and category managers concrete evidence of what works, and what doesn’t. It looks at the differing stages of implementation, from ‘not at all’ to ‘deeply embedded’ and offers advice on building a business case for those starting out, and how to improve further for those more mature users. It also quantifies the extra value available to organisations that choose to improve their performance in this core procurement process.

There are just 4 weeks left before access to the survey closes and the very clever people at Henley Business School and the Future Purchasing specialists start to collate, analyse and present the results. It takes just 10 minutes of your time to complete, and you will receive:

  • a pre-release copy of the report findings
  • an online immediate free benchmarking assessment of your organisation’s category management capability

ACCESS THE SURVEY Here – well worth 10 minutes of your time


As Spend Matters said almost two years ago: “The size of this survey, and the rigour of the analysis applied by Professor Marc Day of Henley Business School, means that the results here have real objectivity and power. That is what makes this the most important piece of research we have ever seen conducted in this field: a bold claim, but one that we think stands up to scrutiny.”

If you would like some visibility of the depth of research and the results from last year, do download the pdf’s from the Future Purchasing Knowledge Hub.

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