CorporateBrainz – a social media site for procurement? Maybe …

Thanks to Supply Management for pointing out two new websites we hadn’t seen – CorporateBrainz and Procurious. “CorporateBrainz describes itself as the “only online specialist community for procurement professionals from every industry sector”, while Procurious says it is “the first to combine forums, networking and training”.

So, we took a look at CorporateBrainz first. And immediately, it is clear that the site looks very unfinished. For instance, on the home page:

“Welcome to the CorporateBrainz Forums This is a place for like minded people from professional industries to discuss new ideas, ask for help if you’re”

Don’t promote your website till you’ve got rid of the really obvious typos, we’d suggest - it doesn’t give off that air of competence that new sites need to show.

What about the content? There are a few blog posts loaded, which are OK, but there seem to be two main elements to the website. The first is a training product – an online multimedia procurement and contract management DIY training toolkit called “Get-it”. (Not sure about the name)! But from the promotional video, it looks like a fair amount of work has gone into the product and the content looks sensible and good quality, if not particularly original. We’ll take a look at the free demo version soon and get a more detailed idea of what it’s all about. A single seat subscription is £99 a month or £599 a year.

The most interesting element on the site is probably the Project Portal, which uses the same sort of idea as blur Group (who we’ve covered regularly of late), in terms of matching providers and suppliers of services, in this case procurement consulting and interim assignments. It could also offer permanent jobs, it says. But at the moment, there is just one job advertised – someone wanting between £10 and £200 worth of advice on buying Sage software. On the other side of the transaction, there are around a dozen ‘freelancers’ listed, but they look like placeholders or test entries loaded by the developers rather than any real people. So early days, but it could work ...

There are also a few free template documents for download, and a Forum, with a number of topics but no real debate as yet. But another negative for me is that there is no information about who is behind the site and the business. We don’t know if the two people in the promotional video are involved, they’re not named, but anyway, they come over like actors. I doubt that they’re the founders.

I just like to know something about the business and the people running any website that is actually offering services or products. There’s nothing I can find here, not even a ‘contact’ page. But the contract for Get-it, which you agree to if you buy the product, gives a CorporateBrainz address, which is a house in a very nice residential road in Elstree near Borehamwood.

So, interesting, far from up and running properly, we’d suggest (except perhaps for the training element), but somewhat mysterious. And we’ll come back to Procurious soon.

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First Voice

  1. Oliver:

    Thanks for your review.

    You are right, there is some cosmetic work to complete. At the moment we have been focused on getting the back end engine for the Project Portal working perfectly, and the marketing overtook our official launch!

    That said, we are almost there, and would love you to come back at the end of next week where I’ll happily take you through the site in full.

    We are truly excited about our Project Portal. This will give companies who would not normally have the budget to employ procurement professionals (either full time or contract) and therefore miss out on best practices and potentially spend more, with more risk, than their larger competitors. In this economy, we feel that having an optimized supply chain will keep smaller businesses in business for longer; ultimately this has to be better for all of us.
    In addition you’ll get to bid for work on a per-project basis that you can do in your spare time. Not only do you earn money, you’ll be broadening your experience and also be supporting our industry by getting the Procurement message out there, all at the same time!

    The forum and blog itself will take time to grow, unlike some websites we are not loading it with fake posts to generate traffic, but we hope by being 100% genuine, people will get behind it and support it.

    Get-It is an e-learning tool that has been created to support the procurement process in business. It goes to the idea we have to make procurement more accessible and change the way procurement is seen by other professions. The vision is to make procurement as important in a company as their sales or finance functions. Get-It is the only revenue stream for the site, and it is already being used by several large companies to transform their procurement policy and process, by devolving low value or low risk back activity to the business.

    We can’t build a community and change the way procurement is viewed without the support of our colleagues, coming together from around the world to one single place.

    It’s free to join and it’s free to post and respond to projects on the portal, so we hope people who read this take a few minutes to register on the site.

    Oliver (Founder of

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