Coupa Inspire event – despatches from Jason Busch

My US colleague Jason Busch has been at the Coupa event in California this week, where he was giving a keynote speech (more on that to follow) and picking up on the latest announcements from the firm.

Purely in terms of growth rates, Coupa has been the software firm to watch in our market for the last couple of years, and from Jason’s regular blogs from the event, you certainly get the idea that the pace is continuing. We’ll have more detail over the next couple of weeks, but for today, let’s just highlight some of Jason’s posts if you want to read more, and give you the Coupa headlines.

Here are four key points to note:

1. Coupa are getting into sourcing – after focus on ordering, expenses management, then spend analytics and invoicing, the firm is making its first steps into sourcing to round out its offering. In some senses at least, it’s not at the moment a particularly advanced offering in terms of complexity, but very interesting nonetheless. More from Jason here.

2. Coupa has acquired Xpenser, an independent T&E vendor with particular expertise in the mobile information capture of expenses. It’s Coupa’s first acquisition, which raises questions about integration, and Xpenser are not a well-known name – but the focus on mobile is right at the cutting edge of where most people feel the market is going for business applications, including P2P and T& E management. Jason’s first thoughts are here.

3. Coupa’s impressive growth seems to be continuing apace. Jason shares some of the recent numbers here – as he says, “These numbers suggest that at least on an absolute customer count basis, Coupa is likely the largest independent (non-ERP) eProcurement provider (given our assumption that most of these customers are eProcurement users)”.

4. There were a number of other announcements -  there’s the launch of Coupa 9, including the sourcing capability mentioned above; a partnership with KPMG (maybe not such great timing, given other news today), technology integration with SnapLogic, and no doubt other stuff I haven’t seen yet. So follow Spend Matters PRO next week for detailed analysis, and more from us here for more news and views on what Coupa are up to in 2013.

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