Coupa Inspire, GPOs, and Pirates of the Supply Chain

Jason Busch spent the first half of the week at Coupa’s Inspire event in San Francisco, where he was also a presenter. He live-blogged the rest:

Day One:

Day Two:

We finished up a series on Thomas Kase’s experience in Kenya:

Pirates of the Supply Chain: Cost, Insurance and Russian Cowboys (Part 1) - The price tag for this piracy protection starts around $200,000 per engagement (for more information on what the British rules of engagement and defense strategies look like, read the first installment in this series). However, the cost is offset to some degree by a reduction in the insurance rates for the shipping company that employs them. (Part 2 here)

Pierre Mitchell waxes poetic on the death of Robert Ebert:

The Implications Of Roger Ebert’s Death For Procurement - Roger Ebert, the famed movie critic, died recently, and I figured it was only appropriate to honor his death by commenting on it. First, Roger was a great example of someone who could be ruthless in his critique, but also personable, and willing to back up his assessment with a strong argument.  This should be familiar ground with Procurement.   You might play the role of a bad cop, but you’re doing it for the right reasons, and you don’t have to be a <expletive here> about it.

A fantastic industry response to a previously-run guest post on GPOs:

GPOs and Private Equity Organizations: An Industry Response - Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from David Clevenger, Vice President of Corporate United. In reading Mr. Woodcock’s piece on GPOs (What Group Purchasing Organizations Can Do For Private Equity Firms), I couldn’t help but feel that I was being lured into a trap. Despite my wariness, I find myself compelled to respond, if for no other reason than to offer a different perspective on the original post.

Wedding planning update!

We now have a venue, menu, Save the Date cards, a DJ (obviously the most important thing), and as of last Tuesday, a photographer. Trucking along!

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