Coupa Inspire – Initial impressions

We made a flying visit to the Coupa Inspire event in London yesterday. A  bit of a diary clash meant it was literally for a couple of hours only.



But that was enough to be impressed by the event. At 9 am we estimate there were already close to 500 people in The Brewery, a very pleasant conference venue in Chiswell Street, London. That provided keynote speaker, Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn, with his one joke. "People asked  what we would do after our IPO last week - I said we were going to the biggest brewery we could find".  (Coupa floated as a public company on Nasdaq last week).


We'll have more on his remarks next week - but to be honest, we might have appreciated a couple  more jokes. His speech was a very professional and impressive but a somewhat dry 45 minutes. In previous years, he has described the frustrations of getting his hotel shower to work, drawing parallels with software usability. He was amusing and inspirational.

This year, it felt like maybe a lengthy round of investment-related presentations (which we assume he has been doing in recent times) has made him more focused and serious, which is a double-edged sword for the listener. Or maybe he just has to be careful what he says now Coupa is a quoted company.

Anyway, it was also good to see briefly some of our friends from the firm, as well as other industry folk like Peter Loughlin and Duncan Jones.  Alex Kleiner, who heads up Coupa in Europe had a very smart new suit on (well, it looked new) - I should have taken a picture of that, but instead, here are a few other pics from our brief visit. And more next week as we say. coupa-16

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