Welcome to Coupa, our new Lead Sponsor

We’re delighted to announce that one of the most dynamic and fastest growing solution providers in our sector, Coupa, are a new Lead Sponsor for Spend Matters UK/Europe.

Regular readers will know we’ve featured the firm and their products here fairly regularly over the last couple of years. Their explosive growth has been on the back of an approach to spend management software that emphasises intuitive design, with consumer style user interfaces, and rapid implementation.

Initially focusing primarily on ordering / catalogue management, and expenses management, they’re broadened the product offering in the last year or so into spend analytics, invoicing and contract management. As my US colleagues have noted in the past:

"Our research suggests that Coupa is the fastest growing P2P or eProcurement vendor in the market based on its rate of both enterprise and middle market customer acquisition. On a net customer basis, Coupa appears to be growing faster than Ariba across the same product lines. Readers should note that Coupa is achieving this despite competing against Ariba, which has a commercial team (sales, sales support, etc.) that is over ten times as large. One of Coupa's secret to its success stems from its "opinionated" approach to procurement. Its user interface is like nothing else in the market."

It will be fascinating to see if they can continue this growth against the new SAP/Ariba juggernaut, but Coupa have also been expanding geographically from their US base, appointing their first senior European person - Alex Kleiner -  around a year ago. That growth in manpower and effort this side of the Atlantic is continuing at a pace now, and we hope to have more news on their expansion in Europe tomorrow.

But for the moment, welcome to Coupa!

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