Coupa Webinar, SAP’s Business Suite, Coupa and Accounts Payable, Walmart’s Publicity Nightmare

Join us on Wednesday for a webinar.

3 Ways to Earn Loyalty and Profit from Your Suppliers: Lessons from Dell -- Squeezing great deals out of your suppliers saves money. But having great supplier relationships can save money, time, stress, and maybe even your job. Join Kevin Turner of Dell, Jason Busch of Spend Matters, and Ravi Thakur of Coupa for a revealing look at the sell-side of the procurement equation.

Welcome, Pierre Mitchell!

As Peter mentioned earlier this week, we’re thrilled that renowned analyst Pierre Mitchell has joined our team. Here’s a bit about what we’ll be doing for us (and for you!) Pierre’s Plans: You Are Only As Good As Your Last Value Creation Activity -- In procurement, as in many other functions, you are only as good as your last value creation activity, and stakeholders want to know what will be in the next act. As promised in my first blog post, here is what I have planned for my new tenure at Spend Matters.

Will business network competition shift toward technology? We think so.

The SAP Business Suite and HANA (Part 1) -- Most folks using procurement technology would rather not get into the underlying bits and bytes of technology architecture, let alone the nuances of database technology. For the most part this makes sense, though we'd argue that for systems integration, a lot of incremental business value in the P2P and services procurement areas can be derived from tighter linkages between systems (e.g., eProcurement, vendor management system, asset management, inventory, badging, and credentialing). But procurement practitioners and executives should begin to pay greater attention to the database itself. This is what SAPhas introduced with its in-memory HANA technology.

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Curious about Coupa?

Coupa's Suite: From Procurement To Accounts Payable (Part 1) -- In only a few years time, Coupa has gone from a purchase-to-pay (P2P) upstart to the fastest growing eProcurement provider, besting the growth of companies many times its size in new customer wins, adoption levels and percentage revenue increases, among other metrics. In a recent press release, Coupa shared some figures around this growth, including an increase of over 100% in annual revenue and a tripling of spend going through its platform. These numbers are significant considering that all of this is organic (i.e., not through acquisition). (Here’s Part 2)

Walmart: digging itself out of a publicity nightmare?

Walmart and Suppliers: New Regulations (and Public Shaming) -- To any firm with significant brand recognition, preserving the brand name is vital; it can help your your market cap more than lean and efficient operations. Witness one of the greatest brands out there – Disney – and their policy against purchasing any safety-related components from Chinese suppliers for rides in their entertainment parks. Disney's share price place would plummet as quickly as the roller coaster car that jumps off the tracks. Now Walmart has started to up their game in the Code of Conduct (CoC) area. Not long ago, they made headlines for requiring suppliers to self-assess their sustainability efforts.

It’s a Kinks/Bowie/Rolling Stones revival!

Meet Foxygen: “They are the raw, de-Wes Andersonization of The Rolling Stones, Kinks, Velvets, Bowie, etc. that a whole mess of young people desperately need.”

- Sheena Moore

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