eInvoicing Webinar with Markus Hornburg of Coupa

We’re pleased to announce a Spend Matters webinar in association with spend management software firm Coupa, on June 9th at 1pm UK time. Do hold the date for now and we will update you with a registration link shortly.

I’ll be talking about eInvoicing, and most importantly, asking Markus Hornburg, VP of Global Product Compliance at the firm, some key questions. He joined Coupa last year after 15 years working in the eInvoicing world, and is one of the few genuinely guru-status people in the space globally. He has been involved at the heart of eInvoicing since its beginnings, and has worked with governments ranging through Switzerland, South America and further afield, and has forgotten more about the topic than most of us will ever know.

During the webinar, we’ll start with some of the basics around the topic, then get into what you need to consider if you are going to launch an eInvoicing programme, or indeed improve the workings of one you already have in place.  I will be asking Hornburg the big questions, ranging through tech issues, stakeholder management, benefits capture and more. One of the things I really like about Hornburg is that despite his great experience and knowledge, he is not a “cheerleader” for eInvoicing. Indeed, he is just as likely to point out the tricky issues that global programmes have to overcome as he is to sell you the benefits.

So, whilst there are clear benefits, we should stress, and we firmly believe that this should be on the procurement leader's agenda if the organisation has not considered it yet, you need to go into it with your eyes open and with attention paid to Hornburg’s advice. I’ll be asking him the sort of thing that a CPO, an invoicing "process owner" or the programme director for an implementation might be asking – I’m sure it will be really interesting and informative, so do sign up now.

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  1. Marco Silva:

    Is the Shared Services Center the key structure to a eInvoicing program?

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