Crown Commercial Service – a Huge Procurement Peak in July

The UK government's collaborative procurement body, Crown Commercial Service, must be busy at the moment! The Liverpool office must be buzzing ... Just having a look at their website, as I often do on a Saturday morning being a deeply sad procurement geek, I noticed that July appears to be some sort of all-time peak of contract award.

So under “procurements recently awarded” and going live in July 2015, we have Non Medical Non Clinical Resource (temporary staff) and Telecoms Expense Management (although that doesn’t seem to link to any further information).

But then under the heading “procurement under way,” with an “expected award date” of July 2015, we have no less than nine new agreements listed that should be coming to fruition this month.

Construction Signage and Wayfinding Solutions
Construction Personal Protective Equipment and Corporate Work Wear
Technology Network Services
Technology Digital Services 2
Professional Services Executive Search Dynamic Purchasing System
Professional Services Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel
Professional Services Commissioning Academy
Property Facilities Management
Travel Crown Travel and Venue Services

There are also a couple of procurements being run on behalf of the Ministry of Defence with a July due date, which all adds up to probably the busiest month ever in terms of projects reaching award stage. But over the past year or so, CCS has seen quite a number of procurements over-running and delayed. The Facilities Management contract in the list above is an example; the process started some two years ago, and it has been a bit of a saga, with more than one delay to the schedule.

So it will be interesting to see if CCS can achieve what it hopes to this month; it will be an impressive sign of the organisation’s maturity if it can. And given the huge investment it has seen in terms of new senior level staff, it really should be able to show that it can deliver to timescale and plan. We’ll come back next month and see what the success rate looked liked anyway.

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