The dark side of recruitment – and has procurement employment peaked?

At least in our procurement world  we don’t often see the situation reported last week at UBS offices, when UBS staff found that their building entry swipe cards didn’t work . This was rapidly followed by a note telling them that no, they hadn’t been fired (yet) but they should go and wait at home whilst their futures were determined!

It’s a seemingly cruel way of telling people they’ve lost their jobs, but in an environment like banking, you don’t want to tell someone they’re on the way out whilst they’re in the middle of a trade that could lose the bank a fortune if they happened to press the wrong button, I guess !

Job losses in our profession tend to be lower profile. Barclays haven’t disclosed how many jobs disappeared from the UK when the UK based procurement function and much of the procurement activity was recently shifted to Singapore. And last week we saw Supply Management featuring job losses at Balfour Beatty Construction as a more centralised approach to procurement and other functions is put in place. 650 jobs will go across a number of functions including procurement.

It seems almost certain that the number of jobs  in UK public sector procurement has reduced over the last couple of years as well.  So does this all mean difficult times ahead for us?

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